Plant and Algae DNA Isolation Kit


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Extraction of DNA from plant tissues and algae cells. Magnetic beads method

Easy three step procedure

  1. Binding to NanoMag beads
  2. Washing
  3. Elution

Compatible with automated systems.

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NanoMag DNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number M2016

(50 reactions based on 200mg fresh plant, 200ul algae culture or 50mg dry seeds)

NanoMag DNA Extraction Kit M2016 is specially designed for purification of total DNA from Plants and Algae. The pretreatment method of plant samples will directly affect the production of DNA, the integrity of the fragments thus it is important to ensure that the sample pretreatment process is performed at low temperature.  NanoMag DNA Extraction Kit M2016 comes with proprietary magnetic beads and a specially formulated buffer. The purified DNA can then be effectively eluted with TE or EL and will be ready for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions or storage at -20°C. The procedures can be fully automated on the magnetic particle processor instrument and ease of use.


Kit Contents:

Component Name Amount
Buffer TS 20mL
Buffer LWB* 30mL
Buffer WB 30mL
Mag Beads – Plant 1.5mL
Buffer EL 5mL




50 preps, 100 preps, 200 preps