Here at Attogene our focus/mission is to enhance health and wellness of plants, animals and the environment by offering and developing customer focused Life Science Products domestically and internationally. Attogene is a biotechnology company located in Austin, Texas.


  • Enhance detection technologies
  • Enable rapid responses
  • Enable impactful research discoveries


  • Lateral Flow
  • Enzyme
  • Nucleic Acid


  • Environmental Testing
  • Algae Toxin quantification
  • Mammalian Cell Culture Services
  • Cyanotoxins Management Plan Services

What we do:

  • Attogene develops new and novel cutting-edge technologies for sensing compounds in a diverse set of sample types.


  • Attogene developed and sell products that include assays for the detection of environmental compounds and novel methods for detecting human disease analytes.

  • Attogene has strategic services which help our customers with unique assay and application needs.  Our services include algae toxin environmental sampling and testing and broad array of assay and application support.


  • Attogene offers kits from partners: Primer Design (one of the first EUA FDA authorized COVID PCR diagnostic test kit), HighQu, GenomeMe, ScreenFect and Nix Sensor.

What is an Atto?

  • Atto (a) is a unit prefix in the metric system representing 10-18.  It is a significant challenge but critically important for the Life Sciences.
  • Weight: Attogram – A gene average weight of 2.4 attogram, HIV particle weighs roughly 1000 attogram.
  • Concentration: Attomole – 1 Attomole is equal to roughly 602,000 molecules.
  • Length: Attometer – Roughly the size of a quark (smaller than a proton).
  • Volume: Attoliter – Ultra low volume dispensing on the cutting edge of molecular control technology.