Tyrosinase Inhibitor Assay Kit


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For rapid, sensitive and accurate screening of potential Tyrosinase inhibitors

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Tyrosinase Inhibitor Screening Kit (Colorimetric) provides a rapid, simple, sensitive, and reliable test suitable for high-throughput screening of tyrosinase inhibitors. Tyrosinase catalyzes the oxidation of tyrosine, producing a chromophore that can be detected at OD = 510 nm. In the presence of kojic Acid, a reversible inhibitor of tyrosinase, the rate of oxidation of the substrate is decreased.

Tyrosinase or polyphenol oxidase (EC, is an oxidoreductase that participates in the biosynthesis of melanin, a ubiquitous biological pigment found in hair, eyes, skin, etc. Inhibition of tyrosinase has been a long-time target in the skin health research, cosmetics and agricultural industries because of its role in browning reactions in skin pigmentation and during fruit harvesting and handling.


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