qPCR Master Mix


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Kit contents

• 3 x lyophilised Master Mix (50 reactions per glass ampule)

• 1 x lyophilised ROX (BROWN)

• 4 x Resuspension buffer (BLUE)

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Primer design oasig lyophilised 2X qPCR Master Mix is optimised for use in real-time PCR. The product is stable at ambient temperatures for at least 18 months and can be conveniently shipped and stored at room temperature. The master mix contains a thermo-stable TAQ Polymerase as well as buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2 and stabilisers at concentrations optimised for the enzyme. The master mix has been freeze-dried to produce a room temperature stable preparation.

The kit includes the lyophilised master mix, resuspension buffer and a tube of ROX dye which can be added as required when the master mix is to be used on hardware platforms that use ROX as a passive reference dye.

The resuspended solution requires only the addition of your cDNA, primers and probe to be PCR ready lyophilised 2X qPCR Master Mix.

qPCR Master Mix Manual