Benzoic Acid Detection Kit


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Kit Contents:
600 uL SA (Substrate Agent)
300 uL RF (Reactive Facilitator)
1.5 mL x 2 RS (Reaction Solution)
50ul of 0.15% (1,500ppm) Benzoic Acid control
100 1.5mL tubes
1 Color Card

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  • Highly Sensitive Assay to Screen for Benzoic Acid-
  • Visual Readout (red/pink)
  • Compatible with the Nix Sensor or plate readers to obtain quantitative results.
  • Detection range of 1ppm to 300ppm.

Benzoic Acid is a white solid that is an extensively used preservative.  Although this preservative prevents or delays nutritional losses due to microbiological, enzymatic or chemical changes of foods during its shelf life there is a suspicion that small amounts of benzene may be formed from benzoic acid in nonalcoholic beverages in the presence of ascorbic acid. Benzoic acid and ascorbic acid are food additives which must be declared on the food. Benzoic acid or E 210 is a preservative which also occurs naturally, for instance, in cranberries. A maximum amount of 150 mg/l benzoic acid may be added to non-alcoholic flavored beverages.

The kit provides a rapid, simple, sensitive, and reliable test suitable for screening of Benzoic Acid concentration.

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