RT-qPCR Master Mix


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Kit contents

• 3 x lyophilised OneStep Master Mix (50 reactions per glass ampule)

• 1 x lyophilised ROX (BROWN)

• 4 x Resuspension buffer (BLUE)

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Primerdesign oasig lyophilised OneStep 2X RT-qPCR Master Mix is an optimised complete system for use in OneStep real-time PCR. Removal of a separate Reverse Transcription step, reduces handling errors, and greatly reduces the time taken to obtain results. The product is stable at ambient temperatures for at least 18 months and can be conveniently shipped and stored at room temperature. The master mix contains a thermo-stable TAQ Polymerase and MMLV as well as buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2 and stabilisers at concentrations optimised for the enzymes. Once resuspended, only the template RNA and primer and probe mix are required to complete the experimental set up for a perfect single tube reaction. The master mix has been freeze-dried to produce a room temperature stable preparation.

The resuspended solution requires only the addition of your cDNA, primers and probe to be PCR ready.

lyophilised 2X RT-qPCR Master Mix Manual

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