DNA Extraction Kit M2022


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Efficient removal of humic acid, high purity of the product

Applicable to a variety of types of soil: flower bed soil, mountain soil, silt, etc.

Easy to operate: No need for RNase, protease K treatment 4, suitable for all kinds of automation instruments

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NanoMag DNA Extraction Kit

Catalog number M2022

(50 reactions based on 250mg of soil)


NanoMag DNA Extraction Kit M2022 is an excellent kit for isolating genomic DNA from a variety of environmental samples. NanoMag DNA Extraction Kit M2022 utilizes our novel inhibitor removal reagents to efficiently remove humic acids and other inhibitors. This kit is intended for use with difficult soil types such as soils from forest, bedding, flowerpot, farmland and sludge. The isolated DNA has a high level of integrity and purity allowing for various downstream applications. The procedures can be fully automated on the magnetic particle processor instrument and ease of use.

 Kit Contents:

Component Name Amount
Buffer LHA 40mL
Buffer PRE 5mL
Buffer LWB* 60mL
Buffer WB 40mL
Buffer SWP1 10mL
Glass Beads 25g
NanoMag Beads 1.5mL
Buffer EL 5mL

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