Zobell Marine Agar 2216, 500 g


Microorganisms in an aquatic environment may occur at all depths ranging from the surface region to the very bottom of the ocean trenches. The top layers and the bottom sediments harbor higher concentration of microorganisms. Marine microorganisms are vital to ecological cycles because they form the foundations of many food chains. Zobell Marine Broth formulated by Zobell, has a composition that mimics seawater (4) and thus helps the marine bacteria to grow abundantly. This medium has been used for the growth of marine bacteria. Zobell Marine Broth contains the nutrients, which are required for the growth of marine bacteria. These media have minerals as in seawater and peptone and yeast extract as the sources of nutrients for the marine bacteria. High amount of salt content is used to simulate seawater. Other minerals are used to mimic the mineral composition of seawater.

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  • Marine Agar 2216 (Zobell Marine Agar) (500G).
  • Dehydrated Culture
  • Microbiologyical Culture Media
  • Marine Agar 2216 (Zobell Marine Agar)