NanoMag Soil DNA isolation Kit


Extraction of high-quality total DNA from 200mg of soil sample which can be either fresh or frozen. Magnetic beads method

Easy three step procedure

  1. Efficient removal of humic acid, high purity of the product
  2. Applicable to a variety of types of soil: flower bed soil, mountain soil, silt, etc.
  3. Easy to operate: No need for RNase, protease K treatment 4, suitable for all kinds of automation instruments
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NanoMag Soil DNA Extraction Kit comes with proprietary magnetic beads and a specially formulated buffer. The
purified DNA can then be effectively eluted with TE or EL and will be ready for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions or
storage at -20°C. The procedures can be fully automated on the magnetic particle processor instrument and ease of use.

NanoMag is a kit that extracts and purifies total DNA from a number of soil environmental samples. The kit uses a unique humic acid adsorbent, can efficiently adsorb humic acid and other inhibitors in soil samples, suitable for the extraction of flower bed soil, flowerpot soil, farmland soil, forest soil, silt and other environmental samples, simple operation, high purity of purified DNA, complete fragments, suitable for a variety of downstream applications. This kit is compatible with automated nucleic acid extractors



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