Cells and Tissue DNA isolation Kit


Easy three step procedure

  1. Binding to NanoMag beads
  2. Washing
  3. Elution

Compatible with automated systems.

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NanoMag Cells and Tissue DNA Extraction Kit comes with proprietary magnetic beads and a specially formulated buffer. The purified DNA can then be effectively eluted with TE or EL and will be ready for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions or storage at -20°C. The procedures can be fully automated on the magnetic particle processor instrument and ease of use.

NanoMag Cells and Tissue is a kit specifically designed to extract and purify DNA from animal tissues or cells. Tissue samples can be extracted by manual liquid nitrogen grinding or tissue homogenization, using this kit, cell samples can be simply treated, directly with this kit to extract DNA, to obtain high-quality extraction products, suitable for a variety of downstream reactions.



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