Live Baby Nauplii Brine Shrimp 500K+ 32oz.


The 32 oz. portion contains 500K+ Nauplii. High Density Culture. These portions of live baby shrimp will be shipped out 36 to 48 hours after you order. This enables us to hatch a fresh batch every time you order so you receive newly hatched baby brine shrimp . They will be packaged with live saltwater algae, (nanochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis).

Comes with detailed directions and tips for how to use in various applications.  Can be kept alive for extended periods up to approximately two weeks or so by placing in the refrigerator. Cold temperature slows down their metabolism, thereby they grow much slower, and remain with their yolk sac longer. Arrive Alive Guarantee: We guarantee you will receive our live specimens alive. For this guarantee to be valid we must be notified of any issues within 2 hours of delivery time. If this condition is met we will resend the item at no cost to you.

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Useful for toxicity testing assays:

Hatching brine shrimp
1. Measure 3 liters of water using measuring cylinder and pour into the rectangular jar
2. Weigh about 27 g of table salt by an balance and add it into the jar containing water
3. Mix the water with a spatula
4. Place the tip of an airline from a air pump into the bottom of the jar maintaining proper aeration
5. Add about 15 g of brine shrimp eggs at the top water level of the jar and mix with the water
6. Switch on a light (60-100 Watt bulb) placed a few inches away from the jar
7. After 20-24 hours, the nauplii will hatch
8. Observe the eggs and nauplii
9. Collect the nauplii after the next 24 hours
10. Hatched nauplii must be separated from the empty egg. It can be done by turn off the air and switch
off the lamp. The empty egg will float while the brine shrimp will concentrate in the water column.
11. Transfer 10 nauplii to a test tube using a Pasteur pipette
Toxicity testing
12. Expose the nauplii to different concentrations of the compounds to be evaluated
13. Count the number of survivors and calculate the percentage of death after 24 hours


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