Micro Pipette Set


Easy to Use

Ergonomic design of low plunger pressure avoids repetitive strain injuries, light weight, easy to control with full hand, reducing hand fatigue.Easily rotate the piston button to select dispense volume.

Volume Range

Volume range of 20-200ul,increment: 1μl; 0.5-10ul,increment: 0.1μl;0.1-2.5ul, increment: 0.05μl. Digit display to allow for more accurate volume setting and easier volume identification.


High-tech material provides excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion and weather. Calibrated to ISO 8655 standards for precision and accuracy. Low operation force. Smooth thumb pump action and smooth aspiration of various liquid. commonly used single-channel pipette.

Easy and Quick Tip Change

Tip ejector makes easy and quick tip change. Easy to calibrate and maintain with tools supplied



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  • Control Button: Very low operating forces. Ergonomic height even at maximum volume to limit strain on thumbs
  • Volume Display: digit display to allow for more accurate volume setting and easier volume identification
  • Ejector: Very low operating force and positioned in such a way that thumb strain is reduced when moving to eject tips
  • User adjustment: Option to temporarily adjust the pipetting volume when working with difficult liquids (e.g., warm, cold, volatile or high density liquids). Easy to calibrate with the tool supplied.
  • Fully autoclavable without disassembly (121°C,20 min)

Additional information

Weight22.4 oz

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