f/2 Growth Medium


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f/2 Marine Enriched Seawater is a common and most widely used culture medium designed for growing marine microalgae including Nannochloropsis oculata, Isochrysis galbana, Tetraselmis sp and many others. The concentration of the original formulation, termed “f Medium” (Guillard & Ryther, 1962) has been reduced by half (Guillard, 1975). The original medium (Guillard & Ryther, 1962) used ferric sequestrene; we have substituted Na₂EDTA·2H2O and FeCl₃·6H2O.

Guillard’s f/2 – 14x Concentrate with Silica. Suitable for diatoms. If you DO NOT culture diatoms or specifically DO NOT require Silica, omit to reduce precipitation

To make f/2 working solution add 0.35 ml (7 drops) to 1 liter of filtered seawater. For full f strength add 0.7 ml (14 drops) to 1 liter of filtered seawater.

Do not Freeze. Keep Refrigerated between 34 F-39 F (1-4 C).