Complete LED Photobioreactor Growth System


  • Programmable remote controlled L.E.D. chamber for the 500ml or 2L photobioreactor
  • Red LED = 626nm, Green LED = 525nm, Blue LED = 470nm, 20 possible LED colors available as constant or intermittent illumination
  • 500ml starter photobioreactor for inoculating cultures, 2L photobioreactor for scale-up, experiments, culture maintenance
  • air pump, air tubing, air locks (2) and air filters (2)
  • Replacement air tubes (4) and PBR fittings (4). Complete system to start, optimize, and maintain photosynthetic cultures
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The Complete Photobioreactor L.E.D. System incudes all of the hardware needed to rapidly grow photosynthetic cultures while minimizing contamination. The complete system includes the 500ml Culture Starter Photoboreactor, 2L Photobioreactor, 12″ Programmable L.E.D. System, air pump, air tubing, air filters, gas exchange air locks, and replacement air stones. The L.E.D. system delivers your chosen specific wavelengths of light to your photosynthetic cultures to facilitate rapid growth. Select among 20 different wavelengths of light and 20 key functions including fade, flash, alternating cycle, and custom cycling to optimize your photosynthetic products. The photobioreactors are optimized for maximal light penetration and culture mixing, and the closed system minimizes contamination. The Complete System is perfect for conducting experiments in the classroom, conducting research, or growing your own organic fertilizer, or nutrients for smoothies.

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