2L Photobioreactor System


  • The 2L Photobioreactor System includes a 2L photobioreactor, air lines, air filter, gas exchange air lock, air stones, and pump to maximize culture growth and minimize contamination. Pair the 2L PBR system with the LED Growth System to analyze growth and bioproduct (lipids, proteins, pigments, etc.) production under different wavelengths of duration light.
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  • Proprietary aeration system and 4″ PBR diameter ensures efficient light penetration to produce rapid and robust growth of algae cultures
  • Gas exchange air lock helps minimize contamination
  • Air pump, air lines, air filter, and (5) air stones and (5) replacement fittings included
  • The 2L photobioreactor is perfect for maintaining dense algae cultures that can be used for experiments that demonstrate core biological and chemistry principles to students, optimize culturing conditions for maximun algae bioproducts, and produce edible algae for nutritious smoothies

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