18″ Wide Portable Clean Room


Sides: 0.250″ White Acrylic , Front: 0.250″ Clear Polycarbonate , Base: 0.500″ White High Density Polyethylene , Top: 0.500″ Clear Polycarbonate

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The 18” Wide Portable Clean Room Hood creates a compact, positive-pressure environment for applications that require a clean workspace. This system is rated as an ISO Class 5 clean room cabinet. It utilizes a dual stage filtration process consisting of a pre-filter and a HEPA filter. This portable clean room hood has been utilized in variety of applications including portable field testing, compounding, stem cell therapy practices and other medical applications, tissue culturing, data recovery, cleaning processes, manufacturing, and much more. This unique system features a small footprint, energy-efficiency, and low maintenance operation. The 18” Wide Portable Clean Room Hood can be easily integrated into existing workspaces because of its size and can be transported to various locations without difficulty because of its lightweight and portable nature. This unit is not intended for sterile compounding applications. Features: Highly portable and lightweight Quiet operation Simple, quick “no tool” filter change Reliable, low maintenance operation Long filter life Includes: Clear anti-static vinyl curtains Fluorescent Light Kit (1) Pre-Filter – MERV 8 efficiency rating (1) HEPA Filter – Up to 99.97% effective on particles 0.3 microns and larger

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