12″ LED Growth Chamber for 2L Photobioreactor System


12″ Programmable L.E.D. System delivers specific wavelengths of light to your photosynthetic algae or cyanobacteria cultures to facilitate rapid growth or flowering. Select among 20 different wavelengths of light and 20 key functions including fade, flash, alternating cycle, and custom cycling to optimize your photosynthetic products. Pair the 12″ L.E.D. System with the Grofizz 500ml Algae Culture Starter Photobioreactor and 2L Photobioreactor to start and maintain your cultures.

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Programmable remote controlled L.E.D. chamber for the 500ml or 2L photobioreactor
Red LED = 626nm, Green LED = 525nm, Blue LED = 470nm, 20 possible LED colors available as constant or intermittent illumination L.E.D. lights are water resistent, 30,000 hrs lifespan Reflective mylar surface maximizes light availability to the algae within the chamber Chamber used to grow photosynthetic algae and cyanobacteria

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